Overcoming The Difficulties Of Retaining Lower Level Staff

One of the biggest problem any company is to retain its lower level staff members. Because they feel very less sense of belonging or any importance to the company. Therefore, most often they only look for the money that they can earn. And most of the time nothing else matters. So, here are some tips to make them feel value for the company and think twice before taking up another opportunity.Read below to find out.

Make them feel that they belong to the company

Whether you are a senior, middle or lower level staff is irrelevant to the sense of feeling that one belongs to a business. Any person, whatever the level in the company should feel a sense of belonging to the company. Only then will they feel the need to make contribution to the company and go out of their way to help achieve the Organization’s objectives. Lower level staff are no different. Only if they feel a sense of belonging to the company will they avoid going to another company simply on the basis of money.

Treat them with respect and make them feel an important part of the business

It is also very vital that you make your lower level staff feel an important part of the company or organization. For instant the janitor in NASA was once interviewed and when asked what he felt his contribution to sending man to the moon was, he replied that he played a very important role. Every time after an employee goes to the washroom the janitor soon cleans up the place and keeps it scented. Because, if the employees are in a good and happy mood only, will they make progress in their work. And the work environment from the washroom to the cabins should also be spotless and sweet smelling! They should believe that the cleaning services they provide is very much important to the company.

Educate them on benefits like goodwill and company insurance policies

Most often lower level staff are less educated and have no idea of their rights and abilities in a company. If they are educated on matters like goodwill, which is given to employees who have worked for more than 5 consecutive years and is calculated on half the last paid salary into the number of years worked. If they know that they can collect a lump sum as goodwill, then they are sure to stay as long as possible. This is beneficial for you because finding lower level staff can be a real hassle and having a permanent one is truly very beneficial. Insurance policies provided by companies are another advantage that lower level employees are unaware of. They only know about the office cleaning from Melbourne job that they need to do!

Give them bonuses and other benefits on special occasions.

Don’t forget to reward the lower level staff on special days and occasions. Rewarding with certificates will not be very fitting. It is best if they are rewarded with money benefits and year-end bonuses paid to them. You can also reward them gifts with monetary value like gold. This will increase their will to stay in your company!